I believe...

  • There are many ways to feed a baby. Breastfeeding is one way. Sometimes our plans for how we feed our babies and what we feed our babies do not work out as expected. Sometimes the journey is harder than anticipated. Sometimes you need professional help.

  • Mothers are strong, amazing women who want what is best for their babies. 

  • Babies are hard-wired to breastfeed. Feeding is instinctual. Babies are not lazy. A baby who cannot latch well, cannot transfer milk well, or injures the momma while nursing probably needs help.  

  • Breastfeeding is the most "natural" way to feed a baby. "Natural" is not synonymous with easy. For mothers, breastfeeding is not always instinctual.  Breastfeeding is a skill that is best learned by modeling and with guidance.

  • Breastfeeding is about more than just milk. It is a relationship between a mother and her baby. It is not just the number of ounces produced. ​

  • Feeding your child is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding aspects of parenting, but it can be stressful, particularly when you are worried about your child's nutritional health.

  • Empowering parents and caregivers with strategies and advise to was the transition from breast to bottle, from milk to solids, and from infancy to toddlerdom is essential.​

About Me

When I was about 8 years old, I told my grandma that I would be a nurse when I grew up.  I distinctly remember that she tried to talk me out of nursing.  Years later, I began my nursing career as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. There is no greater joy than than helping a woman become a mother for the first time or the 5th time.


After starting my own family, I taught childbirth classes and later co-hosted a support group for new mothers. Breastfeeding was a hot topic for new mothers. It piqued my inner nerdiness about this idea of 'the womanly art' of breastfeeding.


I obtained my certification as a lacation consultant after the birth of my third baby, my 'challenge baby.'  She was a failure to thrive baby, refused to eat, and struggled to gain weight.  We fought hard for every ounce the first year of her life. I learned many lesssons from her.


Two years later, I had my fourth baby: Arlington Lactation & Feeding Therapy, LLC.  Starting my private practice was like growing, nurturing, and birthing a newborn.  Arlington Lactation was hatched with three basic goals: nurturing mothers, feeding babies, and supporting breastfeeding. 


I proudly call myself a "lacto-geek" and love to talk about babies, breasts and feeding. I have a special interest in tongue ties and supporting babies with dysfunctional sucking skills. Working with medically-complex mothers and babies, including NICU graduates, reflux babies, slow gainers, and low supply mommas is my forte.  Helping nursing mothers prepare for the transition back to work also brings me great joy.


When I am not helping families, I am Mom. Mom to 3 school-aged children and a wife to a loving husband with whom I share the joys and challenges of raising our family. You might find me on a soccer field, at a synchronized swim practice, or at a Scouting event. I have a few hobbies, that someday I will find time to resume, but, for now, my life is full and I cannot wait to help your family!

I am the founder and owner of Arlington Lactation & Feeding Therapy, LLC. I hold a Bachelor of Nursing Science and a Masters of Nursing Science from the University of Virginia along with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from James Madison University. I am a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, two complimentary hats I wear proudly.