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Bottle Skills for the Bottle Refuser
Available on-demand.

Ack!  Your baby won't take a bottle? 

I see you. 

I know your panic.

I can help. 

If you've already tried all the bottles and all the tips out there but still haven't had success, I'd like to help. 

Bottle refusers are one of my passions.


This class offers practical tips that are unlike most recommendations.  For starters, I think the nursing parent SHOULD work on bottle skills.  Your baby trusts you.  You have had hundreds of feedings together.  Your baby will work hard for your praise.


When teaching bottle skills, we work with a rested and fed baby.  It is really hard to learn a new skill when you are hungry.

Babies don't appreciate sneak attacks where a bottle nipple is repeatedly placed in the mouth.  All humans like to first see their food, touch their food, and feel their food before eating.  Babies are no different.   Pressure feeding is not an effective strategy. 

Milk is not the motivator for a bottle refuser.  It is the stressor.  So let's remove the milk while we build sucking skills.   It just makes sense. 


Teaching your baby bottle skills sometimes requires a little coaching. 

No one expects a parent to know how to do this, it's okay to ask for help.

If these tips resonate with you, join me for the Bottle Skills for the Bottle Refuser.

In pre-pandemic times, I offered this class in person once a month.  Yes, there were families just like you trying to figure this out. 

Take a deep dive into the world of bottles, bottle skills, and the prerequisites to successfully transition between breast, bottle, and pacifier.


We will

  • talk about various bottle brands and how each impacts milk flow and a baby’s ability to drink effectively from a bottle

  • discuss practical strategies to trouble shoot, I will demonstrate some some warm up exercises for baby, show you how teether toys can build bottle skills, and offer video examples

  • talk about cups and straw options for the older baby

  • wrap up with some scenarios where you may need further evaluation


Sometimes bottle refusal is a symptom of a feeding issue.  Sometimes it is simply a matter of finding a good fit bottle for your baby and giving you a little know-how to build those bottle skills. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 7.06.59 PM.png

After viewing the video content, if you have questions, I offer one-on-one virtual visits or you can join me for one of the weekly Feeding Flock Support Groups to Ask the Expert. 

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