Phone consultations

Ideal for specific concerns such as low milk supply, plugged ducts, weaning advice, return to fertility, biting, nursing strikes, starting solids, travel concerns, or preparing for surgery.

By appointment only

In-home Consultations

Each private consultation takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. As part of our visit, anticipate

  • baby's suck is evaluated for strength, coordination and range of motion
  • breastfeeding positions and latch are assessed
  • baby is weighed before and after a feeding to see how much breastmilk was transferred
  • questions are answered
  • a customized Care Plan is written
  • additional resources and referrals are provided if necessary

Tongue tie consultations

Do you suspect a tongue tie? Perhaps you need a plan?  We offer a thorough evaluation and a plan to help resolve feeding issues related to a tongue tie such as nipple pain, slow weight gain, unusual sounds, excessively long feedings or feeding frequency, gassiness, plugged ducts or recurrent mastitis. Potential treatment options, referrals, and aftercare support are addressed during this visit.

Newborn consultations

Newborn consultations are specifically designed to help families in the first 5-10 days when mother and baby are learning the art of feeding, breasts are full and engorged, nipples may be tender, and sleepy, jaundiced babies are a challenge. We will practice latching and positioning, write a plan to bring in a full milk supply, evaluate feeding skills, and monitor weight gain. To schedule a newborn visit, contact us as soon as your baby arrives or when your induction date is set.  

Post-frenectomy consultations

This speciality visit is designed to support families after a tongue tie release. During a post-frenectomy consultation your baby's sucking skills are evaluated along with milk transfer from the breast. It takes time and practice for your baby to learn to use their new tongue mobility. Suck training can help your baby learn to suck more efficiently. I prefer to see families 5-8 days after a release.

Bottle refusal consultations

‚ÄčIf you and your baby are struggling with bottle skills, we can help. Some families need a little TLC and a written plan to move forward. The visit will include a comprehensive evaluation of your baby's current feeding skills.  Most visits are 1 hour.


We offer a variety of lactation and feeding therapy services.  Find what works best for your situation. 

Return to work consultations

Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of returning to work?  A 1:1 return to work consultation can help you get organized, plan a pumping routine, maximize efficiency, minimize stress, and prepare you and your baby for a smooth transition to childcare.

Prenatal consultations

This visit may last 45 minutes to 1 hour and includes a comprehensive history review and breast assessment.  Great for first time moms who want to discuss breastfeeding questions prior to delivery or moms who have had breastfeeding challenges with a previous baby.