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An infant feeding therapist can help your baby improving feeding skills.  Sucking should be reflexive for a baby. Feeding should be enjoyable, not a wrestling match.


You might think feeding is 'fine' when it could be better. Signs that feedings are not going well: 

  • baby coughs, chokes or gags while feeding

  • baby chomps on the breast or bottle

  • baby relatches repeatedly throughout the feeding

  • feedings last 'forever' and baby rarely seems satisfied

  • baby is restless at the breast or bottle requiring frequent breaks

  • baby is a noisy feeder, clicking, slurping, gulping, panting and fussing

  • mother experiences pain or pinched nipples

  • mother has repeated plugged ducts and mastitis

This isn't normal. It might be common, but it is not normal.

An evaluation with a skilled lactation consultant can identify the underlying issue(s) and provide a plan to make feedings more enjoyable.


Oral exercises can improve sucking skills.  Teether toys can improve feeding skills and help with a smooth transition for starting solids. 

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