Feeding Therapy Care

Annie--ignore this page. It was left over from my partership with an SLP.

Arlington Lactation and Feeding Therapy is synonymous with providing the most comprehensive and quality care to mother-baby diads.  We appreciate the specialized expertise that comes from each of our two fields: lactation consultation and speech-language pathology. 


Combining the knowledge and training from two distinct health professions ensure that our clients receive the most well-rounded care in the DC Metro Area.  Many of our clients benefit from appointments with both Susan and Amanda as they progress along their breastfeeding journey, and our collaborative care benefits clients of all ages - birth to toddler.

How can an SLP help with Breastfeeding?

A Speech-Language pathologist (SLP) receives extensive training in the oral anatomy of infants, children and adults; as a result, SLPs are highly qualified in understanding and evaluating the intricacies of infant oral anatomy and swallow function as they relate to feeding.  Breastfeeding is an issue with FEEDING, and therefore SLPs are uniquely qualified to help families as they navigate feeding their child at the breast, with a bottle, when starting solids, or into childhood.

What does a feeding consultation look like with an SLP?

SLPs will offer feeding consultations to families that are concerned with any aspect of the development of their child's feeding skills.  Consultations will include a comprehensive case history and discussion of the family's primary concern(s).  Additionally, an SLP will conduct an oral motor examination, which consists of evaluating the form, structure and function of the child's oral musculatures for swallowing.  After hearing about a child's previous history with food and conducting an oral motor exam, an SLP will observe the child eat a typical meal. Ideally, feeding consultations are performed in the child's home.  It is also extremely helpful to observe the child eating preferred and non-preferred food. Once the feeding consultation has finished, the SLP is able to offer a diagnosis regarding the child's oral anatomy, sensory system, and overall approach to eating.  At this time, an individualized treatment plan is developed with the family to best suit the needs of each child.