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For Annie---My Bio

Susan Howard, RN, MSN, IBCLC, is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and owner of Arlington Lactation & Feeding Therapy based in Northern Virginia.  She is passionate about nuturing moms, feeding babies, and supporting breastfeeding. Susan proudly calls herself a "lacto-geek" and loves to talk about babies, breasts and feeding. She possesses a special interest in tongue ties and supporting babies with dysfunctional sucking skills. Working with medically complex mothers and babies, including NICU graduates, reflux babies, slow gainers, and bottle refusing babies is her forte.  


Mentoring nursing mothers navigate the transition back to work also brings her great joy.

Susan holds a Master's of Science in Nursing from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor's of Science in public health from James Madison University.  Before obtaining her certification as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, she worked in the non profit sector advocating for public health policy. After a career change and to pursue a pursuing a nursing degree, Susan worked as a Labor & Delivery nurse.  Her favorite moment as a L&D nurse was that magical moment when a newborn first latched.  Susan took a brief hiatus from maternal -child world to pursue clinical reseach working on bringing new drugs to market. The experience has proven invaluable undrstanding the relationship with breastfeeding and medications.  After the birth of her babies, she returned to maternal child nursing teaching childbirth and breastfeeding classes.  She moderated a New Parent Support Group where feeding was always a hot topic. 

She started to purse the lengthy process of certification and stalled at logistics of an unpaid internship. She took it as a sign that this was the right career move after finding nearly $5,000 in cash.  Susan obtained her certification in 2011 as a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In 2013 she opened Arlington Lactation and saw her first client.  Since then she has helped hundreds of families reach their breastfeeding goals.

Susan has a special interest in tongue and lip ties.  She recently attended the ‘TOTS: Tethered Oral Tissues Specialty Training’ in July 2018 and became certified as a ‘TOTS: Tethered Oral Tissues Specialty Trained’ professional.

In additon, she has attended the Master Class for Lactation Consultants, a program for advanced lactation training.

Benefits of a RN/IBCLC?

What is the benefit of having your lactation consultant also be a Registered Nurse? I'm a licensed professional trained to perform compreshensive assessments of you and your baby. I am specially equipped to help manage ALL lactation scenarios ranging from general concerns to more complicated and high risk situations.

Mission statement:

Tag lines:

Nurturing mothers, feeding babies, supporting breastfeeding

We know babies, we know boobs, we know breastfeeding. We can help.


I purchased Nancy Morhbacher's video package.  I'd like to offer it on my website.  In case you cannot attend an in person breastfeedifng training. 

I also want to include links  to more information/resources for families using the content available in the Toolkit

Testimonials for Annie

Susan has saved my breastfeeding relationship with my child more than once. She is highly trained, experienced and compassionate. I saw several IBCLCs before Susan, and it was night and day. She is THE area expert on breastfeeding in my opinion. Her classes are fantastic and her weekly groups at Virginia Hospital Center are so supportive and informative. I learned something new every time.

Kate G.

Susan was a phenomenal help to us navigating a dysfunctional latch and tongue tie. Still nursing at 18 mo. and the journey and her support was so vital to our success

Ashley G.

Susan is amazing! Beyond knowledgeable, extremely helpful and I would recommend her to anyone!

Ryann M.

Susan is skilled, kind, and reassuring! Our daughter lost too much weight after birth, and I was panicky about breastfeeding. Susan got us on the right path, and our little girl gained weight like a champ. And I felt much more confident. I recommend Susan without reservation!   Susan's advice is thoroughly evidence-based. She is careful to distinguish between what could be helpful, according to anecdote, and what comes from studies. Her emails include citations! For a new parent trying to wade through conflicting advice, this focus on science is so reassuring.

Laura C. 

I am a healthcare professional and I am thoroughly impressed with Susan's professionalism and expertise. Susan picked up a posterior tongue tie on my daughter that 3 other lactation consultants did not. She is a well connected consultant who referred us to the most amazing pediatric dentist who treated my daughter. She not only helped with breastfeeding but her background in nursing helped us realize our daughter had acid reflux. She is extremely thorough and evaluated my daughter and I. After our first meeting I could not wait for the next. She has a wealth of knowledge and is the best support system during the struggles of breastfeeding. Her groups and classes at VHC are amazing!

Roshni P.

Susan is an amazing lactation consultant! She has helped me with both of my babies and her knowledge and ability to diagnose issues is impressive. My first baby had a posterior tongue tie, upper lip tie and lower lip tie and we were completely reliant on the nipple shield - Susan helped identify these issues and with the right providers to get them fixed. I went on to nurse my first until 27 months. My second was born premature (32 weeks) and provided a similar yet different set of challenges - still had ties, but also working on suck and proper latch and getting off the nipple shield. I would not go to anyone else. Susan is a wealth of knowledge and advice. Her bedside manner is warm and open. She listens to all of the small details and helps trouble shoot even the most “minor” problems. If it wasn’t for Susan, I wouldn’t have nursed my first for as long as I did, or be exclusively breastfeeding my second (preemie / NICU babies have a high rate of exclusive pumping!).

Laura B.

Susan is incredible! She took care of me and my then 3 day old! I felt like I was not going to be able to breastfeed even one more day with the way my nipples felt! This is my second child and i really thought I would be able to breastfeed with no issues since I had experience but clearly that was not the case. She taught me how to properly position my little girl so that I was not hurting my back and helped us get a deep and comfortable latch. She took her time and made sure I was prepared with all of the essentials in case I should have any issues at home, even going as far as making a reminder video for me to look back at. Whenever I have a day where things get tough I always think back to what she taught me and am able to quickly correct the problem myself, had I not seen her early on these little problems that pop up would've given me a reason to give up but thanks to her, I can now happily say that I have been breastfeeding for 3.5 months strong and do not see an end in sight. Thank you so much Susan!!!!

Allison L.

Susan came over for a home visit yesterday and brought her calm confidence and friendly can do spirit! She helped me and 3 week old Grant, confirmed some of my “mom’s intuition” and offered helpful and doable solutions to some of our challenges. Looking forward to group and learning more from Susan and other moms!

Mary J.

Susan is the best! She helped me through a very difficult time with my first born which contributed to me successfully breastfeeding for over two years. Most recently, she helped with my one week old to ensure we were off to a good start. She provides fabulous support for breastfeeding as well as general advice and support for being a new mom. I highly recommend her services, classes, and support groups!

Allison R.

(these are letters and notes from clients)

Dear Susan,
Thank you so much for all your help with Charlotte thisyear! You were the only preofessional that took my concerns seriously. Thank you for giving me the confidnec and telling me that we would make it through the chaos. What you do for this community of mom is amazing. We can't tank you enough. 
Lisa O.
We can't thank you enough for the clairity ans support you've provided to us individually and at group! Our breastfeeding relationship and Malia's new bottle-feeding skills are a direct result of your guidance. We are so grateful! 
I countinue to recommend you and our group to every mom-to-be and mom I know :)  Thank you afain and again for everything---I'm a better mom because of you. 
As we look abck on 2019, we are incredibly grateful for the guidance and support you provided. Alex (now 4 months) is nursing and growing. Thank you for helping us preserve, strengthen and recover our nursing relationship, especially when things seemed (to us at least) somewhat bleak. Being able to greastfeed him means the workd to us.
Thank you so much for all ofyour support & guidance with our little Natalie. I really don't know how e could have gotten to where we are without your tips and tricks! I also so appreciate your taking an interest and concern in my health as you encouraged me to go to group so early on. It relly helped me gain confidence. you have cultivated an amzaing community of women and it is truly a testment to your dedication to helpling families. Your werk really does help the hwole family. 
Kristina S.
Because of youand the wonderful community, my breastfeeding experience the secodn time around has been completely differnt from my oders on. WIth my son, I felt stressed and like a failure, bu now, I feel empowered and supported. II wish I had met you 2 years ago!
You make a difference in the lives of so many mamas and babies.
I cannot find the words to appropriately express my gratitude for your time and especially your wisdome. I was feeling frustrated, unheard and left wanting more from Jack's pediatrian and the first LC. Your thorough examination, diagnosis, and plan brought me such relief---thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are thoughfut, talented, and it is clear you work hard to bring the best, most up-to-date care to your clients.
With love, grace and endless gratitude
Weekday group was the first place I went on my own after Rhys was born. It was the only place that really seemed feasible to get to with an inefficient eater who had me on the verge of tears most days. I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to get out of group, a lactation consultant we met with suggested it, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try to get out of the house. Fast forward nine months and what I've gotten out of group is nothing short of amazing. I had no idea I'd be joining a village when I walked through the doors. Hearing wisdom and tips from other moms ahs been invaluable. I only hope I can pay things forward a bit some day. Group also led us to Dr jaju for tongue and lip frenectomies. Those procedures made breastfeeding not just sustainable supply and latch wise, but also something I acutally enjoy. It allowed me to actually focus on bonding wth my son while nursing., not jus sitting there thinking 'this hurts and I want to quit'.  That I have the one year mark of nursing with Rhys squarely on the horizon makes me teary eyed in a good way, and in awe of how far he and I have come together.
You have truly created something special and give so much to everyone in Group. I can honestly sat that I would not be breastfeeding today and wiwth with confidence at that, without the support of this awesome village you built.
With thanks and much gratitiude

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