Susan Howard, RN, IBCLC is delighted to moderate two FREE support groups at Virginia Hospital Center (VHC).  The two groups she moderates are The Breastfeeding Support Group, which meets twice a week, and The Working Moms Group, which typically meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 7pm.

Things to consider
Are you interested in meeting with Susan for a 1:1 consultation for you and your baby, but would like to get to know her beforehand?  Attending one of the groups provides a great opportunity to get a glimpse of her knowledge in action!  

Please note, Susan can solve a lot of breastfeeding challenges in a group setting, but the support groups are usually not  "hands-on" forums. If you need more in-depth help or prefer an in-person consult,  contact us to set up a home visit. Groups can be a little chaotic, so please take a moment to introduce yourself!

How to get there
If you are on a driving restriction, you can be dropped off at the Women and Infant Entrance.  If you are driving, park in the Garage C (formerly Green garage) and follow the sidewalk to the Women and Infant Entrance.  There is complimentary valet parking in the Garage A (formerly Blue garage). Metered parking is also available on the side streets. Allow for 2 hours.

Groups are held directly across from the information desk in the Lobby Classroom. You might see a gaggle of strollers in the alcove. If you are running late, no worries. Just join whenever you arrive!