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Welcome to Arlington Lactation & Feeding Therapy, your one-stop shop for judgement-free feeding support for your newborn, infant, and toddler.

I'm Susan Howard. Registered Nurse. Lactation Consultant and Mom. My mission is to help the whole family thrive while meeting their feeding goals. 

I offer compassionate, evidence-based feeding support.

I specialize in complex feeding situations at the breast, the bottle, and the table. My expertise includes tongue ties, feeding difficulties, slow weight gain, low-milk supply, and bottle-refusing babies.

Welcome. I'm so glad you're here.

Virtual 1:1 feeding support when you need it

It might be hard to believe that a 60 minute virtual visit can be helpful and productive. With a little planning and use of technology, we can work on ALL sorts of feeding issues from:

  • latching

  • positioning

  • pumping

  • flange fit

  • bottle skills

  • starting solids

  • and more

Arlington Lactation is synonymous with providing the most comprehensive and quality care to mothers and babies.  Complex feeding situations are my specialty.


If you suspect a tongue tie, have milk supply concerns, or difficult feedings,  I can help.  My goal is to provide compassionate, evidenced-based feeding support to help soon-to-be, new and seasoned families blend the art of nursing with the science ​of feeding their child.

If you enjoy learning about the 'why' as much as the 'how' when it comes to feeding, we will make a good pair.

I am skilled at virtual visits and I am looking forward to working with you!

 Come learn with me. 

It's okay to feel lost when it comes to feeding your baby.   Most parents feel totally clueless.

I offer a variety of classes to help you feel more confident and knowledgeable from the first feedings and beyond.

Classes are available in multiple formats (live, virtual, and on-demand) - to fit all learning styles

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We had been struggling with our 3 month old daughter taking a bottle, and I was getting ready to head back to work. Very stressful! After our first visit with Susan I felt so hopeful and relieved to have a plan in place. We saw progress after only 1 day! And after 2 weeks our daughter was taking a full 4 ounce bottle. Amazing!

~ Krista C

Susan really helped me with my baby. I Susan is an absolute breastfeeding wizard. With my first baby she saved our breastfeeding journey and connected us with resources to ensure I wasn’t in pain and baby was transferring milk. So when I got pregnant with our second I knew I wanted to work with Susan again. Even though I was now an experienced “dancer”, I had a whole new “dance partner” and we both needed to learn together. Susan was extremely helpful in [identifying] issues on day 5 and helping the baby latch better (and finding more comfortable positions for me). I highly recommend her services (both before baby via her group classes and after for individual appts) - she truly is a boob whisperer!! have done it without her!

~ Amy A

Susan has so much knowledge about all the different ways you can feed your baby. I'm so grateful I have had the chance to learn from her and improve my own clinical practice. She is truly the LC's LC!

~ Annie, City Lactation

Supporting you is important to me

Feeding a baby and parenting is not always intuitive. We are not meant to parent alone or in isolation. We need a village to thrive.


Join me at one the FREE support groups I host.  Let's connect and talk strategies.  It's an opportunity to ask your feeding and parenting questions in a judgement-free zone.  You don't have to go it alone.


The Feeding Flock and Working Mom Feeding Flock are here to provide the safety net you need.

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Learning to feed your baby is an individual experience

I believe that babies are hard-wired to breastfeed, that mothers are strong, amazing women, and that feeding your baby can be the most fulfilling and rewarding aspect of parenting when we overcome the factors causing you stress and pain.

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