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Expecting a baby?

There are always loads of questions regardless if this your first or fifth baby.  


I offer prenatal consultations to meet the needs of families who are preparing for birth and the breastfeeding journey with their newest edition.

Newborn consultations are available the first two weeks after birth.  To guarantee a home visit within days of your arrival at home, I offer a reservation system.   Contact me to learn more. 

I also offer three specific classes tailored to help families prepare for the arrival of their little one(s).


I offer a variety of in-home consultations that focus on the specific needs of families.


Common concerns families have, after the baby arrives, include: concerns about latching, painful feedings, slow weight gain, milk supply, bottle refusal, and tummy troubles, and more.  I am here to help!

Are you headed back to work? I have  return to work classes and flange fitting sessions  to address concerns or offer one-on-one, in-home visits. 


Contact us to schedule your visit.

Cecille nursing her baby on her  nickles

Ideal for families in search of a  judgement-free plan for weaning regardless if your 'baby' is an infant, toddler, preschooler or a big kid.


Weaning is best thought of as a transition that takes place over time, just like other stages motherhood. Weaning has many facets that impacts mom, child, and the whole family. For some families weaning begins with saying farewell to the pump. There is also night weaning, day weaning, partial and full weaning. Sometimes weaning is necessary for medical reasons, family planning, or lilfe circumstances.  Whatever your reason, I can help. Together, we make a plan that works for your family. 



Prenatal Classes and Consultations


Prior Breastfeeding Issues

Chronic Maternal Health Concerns

Fetal Anatomical Issues

Lactation After Infant Loss

Prior Breast Surgeries


Fertility Difficulties

Downs Syndrome/Genetic Concerns

Adoptive/Induced Lactation

Services & Expertise​



Milk Supply Concerns - low/too much


Latching Problems


Pinched or Painful Nipples


Breast Pain


Pump Comfort 


Return-to-Work Classes


Using Feeding Tools 


Identification of Impeding Anatomical Structures

Tandem Nursing



Weaning Support

Nutrition/Growth concerns

Starting Solids

Baby-led Weaning

Sleep Concerns

Starting Solids Classes

Gagging/Choking with Solids

Not Taking Solids

Expedited Weaning

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