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Preparation On Demand

I believe that education is at the forefront of helping parents develop the relationship they desire with their child.  Preparation is a key component in planning for the relationship they wish to establish. It builds a toolbox through which they can dive to find the just what they need to create those crucial Ah-Ha moments when one is in the moment

To further extend the reach of my services I have partnered with Natural Breastfeeding for an Easier Start. This is especially important during this unprecedented time in which we find ourselves. 

Natural Breastfeeding for an Easier Start is an expansive program, developed by an IBCLC and OBGYN, that allows future and experienced parents, in the comfort of their own home, to learn ways in which they can prepare for their feeding journey with their new baby, to become aware of what comes naturally to their infant and how to meet the baby when their are to make the experience smoother, and grants access to over 60 videos and numerous reference sheets. 

This program retails for $97. I am pleased to offer you access to the complete program for $70. This grants lifetime access to the content!

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Click the image to preview program content.

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