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Lactation & Feeding Therapy in the DC Area 

Expert Care

I have 25+ years experience with babies and advanced training in complicated infant feeding issues.

Breast and Beyond

In addition to teaching you how to breastfeed and meet your goals, I can help you with pumping, bottle feeding, returning to work, and weaning.

Individual and Group Offerings

Breastfeeding Support

$325 initial

$300 follow up

Aetna in-network

Breastfeeding is a dance between a mother and her baby, but sometimes one or both partners find it more challenging than they imagined. That's where I come in to help.

  • Worried about low milk supply or slow weight gain

  • In pain from engorgement or plugged ducts

  • Can't figure out why it hurts so much when your baby latches

  • Unhappy baby who doesn't seem to be able to stay on the breast 

  • Colic, gas, and sleepless nights that have everyone exhausted

  • Struggles with solids

  • Weaning's many faces, from fast to slow to in-between

  • Prenatal counseling and education to prepare to meet your goals

Some families are dealing with more complicated situations, and I've got extensive experience in those as well.

  • Breast surgeries and procedures and their effect on breastfeeding

  • Pale or purple nipples or pain that sticks around between feedings

  • Hormonal imbalances that affect your breasts and the rest of your body

  • Developing a game plan for twins, triplets, and more

  • Inducing lactation when you're not the one carrying your baby

  • Anatomical challenges 

  • Tandem nursing 

Bottles, Pumping, and More

$300 follow up

Aetna in-network

Lactation consultants know about more than just breastfeeding, and I'm ready to help you with all the different ways you might want to feed your baby.

  • Choosing the right bottle for your baby

  • Responsive bottle feeding to meet your baby's needs away from the breast

  • When to introduce a bottle 

  • Bottle battles with babies who only seem to want the breast

  • Cup feeding and other alternative methods

Expressing milk for your baby is a learned skill, and I'm here to help.

  • How your pump works

  • Fittings for the right size flanges 

  • Expert strategies for maximizing yield

  • Maintaining supply when exclusively pumping

Support Groups


Located at the Virginia Hospital Center, these free groups include a virtual community for between-meeting support. 

Mother & Baby Support Group​

  • Wednesdays, 12-1:30

  • Thursdays, 10:30-12

  • Virtual community for between-meeting support

  • Exclusively pumping moms welcome!

Working Moms Group 

  • First & Third Sundays, 7pm

  • Babies welcome but not required

  • Open to all moms


$ ?? 

Breastfeeding Basics

  • Taking a breastfeeding class while pregnant is just as important as taking a childbirth class.  Birth is over in a day or so. Feeding is a long-term endeavor.  Learn the basics of making milk, latching, positioning and the essentials for getting breastfeeding off ot a great start.

  • Monthly at Virginia Hospital Center

Starting Solids

  • Whether you prefer the baby-led weaning method or traditional purees, this class has it all.

  • Discover ideas about what foods to offer, how much, and when.

  • Great to take when when baby is about 5 months old.

Tummy Time

  • Tummy Time Basics (0-3 months): Learn how to make tummy time fun and enjoyable

  • Tummy Time Boot Camp (8+ weeks) for babies who hate tummy time and can't meet the recommended 60 minutes/day

  • Led by Dr. Stephanie Morici, a physical therapist  specializing in infants and toddlers

Work, Pump, Repeat

  • Strategies for returning to work

  • Tips and ideas for maximizing pumping

Bottle Skills: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Learn about bottles, bottle skills, and prerequisites necessary for successful transitions between breast, bottle, and pacifier.

  • Learn about various bottle brands and nipple shapes and how each impacts milk flow and a baby’s ability to drink effectively from a bottle.

Flange Fitting & Beyond

  • Bring your pump and learn how to make pumping more comfortable and effective

Breastfeeding the second time around 

  • Preeparing the older sibling

  • Managing a routine with two kiddos

  • How to get things off to the best start possible​

  • Monthly at Virginia Hospital Center

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