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Preparing for the arrival...

Discovering you are expecting for the first time or for the fifth time brings on waves of joy, excitement, and sometimes feelings of uncertainty about the breastfeeding process. Let me help you build the bridge to your new normal, whether it be for the first time or for a multiple time! 


My preparation options include classes, one-on-one in-home prenatal consultations, and a system to guarantee a newborn consultation with me via my retainer system. 

Discover which option(s) are right for you!


Preparation Classes

Young Couple Expecting


Kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home, as you prepare for the breastfeeding journey with your newest arrival. This online Natural Breastfeeding Program offers over 60 short videos to watch on your tablet, computer, and/or smartphone. Use it to help you prepare for your first time or to refresh your memory.

Normally $97, I offer the chance to access it for $65. This is a lifetime membership, granting you access for use even after baby arrives!

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Pregnant Woman


Many parents focus on taking a childbirth class to prepare and neglect to remember that the birthing process is over in a day or so, whereas feeding one's child is a long-term journey. Join other parents to learn the basics of making milk, latching, positioning and the essentials for getting breastfeeding off ot a great start.


This monthly class is offered at Virginia Hospital Center.

Feeling Mom's Tummy


A class designed to help second-time parents refresh/learn the basics of breastfeeding a newborn along with how to: 

  • prepare the older sibling

  • manage a routine with two kiddos

  • get things off to the best start possible

This monthly class is offered at Virginia Hospital Center.

One-on-One Options


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