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When we meet

I'm here to help.  First, expect to tell me about your feeding concerns.  When your baby is ready, we will do a full feeding together.  We will make a list of the issues and create a written plan to help you and your baby move forward.


We will stay in contact for 2 weeks via email or secure text messaging through my patient portal. Of course you are always welcome to join me at my weekly support groups at Virginia Hospital Center.


Weaning is best thought of as a transition that takes place over time, just like other stages motherhood. Weaning has many facets that impacts mom, child, and the whole family. For some families weaning begins with saying farewell to the pump. There is also night weaning, day weaning, partial and full weaning. Sometimes weaning is necessary for medical reasons, family planning, or lilfe circumstances.  Whatever your reason, I can help. 


Typically, we:

  • start with a discussion about your goals and timeline

  • talk about your current feeding practices, sleep, and general routines 

  • together we make a plan that works for your family

  • discuss the language to use with your child, how to implement the most common strategies: delay, distraction, decreasing time, deferment and how partners can support this transition. 


Initial weaning consult is 60 minutes, $150

Progress consults: 30 min, $75

Insurance and Fees

I am an Aetna provider.

  • Please contact Aetna to confirm that our visits will be covered.

  • Aetna usually offers up to six consultations, with no charge to you.


All other insurance companies:

  • Contact your insurance company to discover what portion(s) of your consultation will be covered or potentially available for reimbursement. 

  • Use this script, developed by the National Women's Law Center, when calling your insurance company to find out what level of reimbursement you might expect.

  • Your insurance carrier may ask about my credentials, specifically my NPI and EIN


Susan Howard, RN, MSN, IBCLC

Registered Nurse and 

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
National Provider Identifier  (NPI) 1932473543
Tax ID (EIN) 46-4048039


  • Please note that full payment is expected at the conclusion of our visit.

  • As a courtesy, my biller will submit the claim for our visit.

A word about the lactation fees:

An appointment with a lactation consultant costs way less than the option of NOT breastfeeding! All mothers, regardless of income, should have access to quality lactation care. Quality lactation support is far less expensive than the option of not breastfeeding.  Contact us, letting us know how we can support you, for specific pricing.


Sometimes alternative payment options (payment plans for families in need) are available or you may consider attending the free-of-charge community service support groups or my support groups.

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