Starting Solids: A Comprehensive Introduction to Starting your Baby on Solids
Available for 72 hours - $55
Viewing time: 2 hours 29 minutes

Starting solids is an exciting milestone for both babies & parents.


Introducing solids around 6 months is best practice based on readiness and skills.


This class covers:

  • signs of readiness

  • developmental considerations

  • gagging vs choking

  • when, how much, how often and what to feed your baby

  • hunger signs

  • coordinating solids & milk feedings

  • introducing cups & sippies

  • choosing utensils and bibs

  • finding a good-fit highchairs & so much more. 


After viewing the video content, I offer a one-time 15 min Q&A session.


If you have more complex concerns, join me for a one-on-one virtual feeding visits or you can join me for one of the weekly Feeding Flocks!

I've compiled a list of my favorite feeding tools

Over the years, I have found some items, tools, and products that help parents along their feeding journey. Take a look at what I recommend in my classes, workshops, and 1:1 sessions.
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