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Welcome to My Favorite Things!


During my journey of working with families I have sought out tools to enhance the support I provide. Many of the products featured on this page have been tested in the field in partnership with the families I see.


After years of finding myself using and mentioning these items frequently, I decided to dedicate a page on my site to make accessing them a breeze.

I have categorized My Favorite Things by the various classes I teach, where I am most-likely to mention them. With each item, you will find a brief description as to why the product is worth noting. 

You can visit a specific class's item list with the click of a button or enjoy scrolling through all items at your leisure. 


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Breastfeeding Basics

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Silverette The Original Silver Nursing Cups

Injured nipples? Silver has natural antibiotic and antifungal properties.


Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

Silicone milk collectors are a game changer for nursing moms. Perfect for relieving overly full breasts and collecting leaking milk. Easy to use. 


Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads

Injured nipples benefit from gel pads to ease sore nipples.

Hatch Baby Grow Scale.jpeg

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

Home infant scales need to be accurate and sensitive enough to do weighted feedings.


Hatch Baby Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

Protect your scale from your little one's accidents with these waterproof changing pads.

Beurer Scale.jpeg

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

When access to care is limited, an infant scale can be a handy way to track and trend infant weight. A scale with an auto lock feature is ideal.


Medela, Harmony Manual Breast Pump

A hand pump is a must-have for working mamas. It is quiet, efficient, and discrete. 


Dr. Brown's® Options™ Preemie

2-Pack 2 oz. Bottles

2-oz. bottles are ideal for early supplementing where top-ups are needed. Similar to the original bottle but this can be used with or without the venting straw.


Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, Preemie

Slow-flow nipples and a 2-oz. bottle for supplementation or a 'snack' bottle.


Dr. Brown's Options

Having options with a bottle can be helpful - one that can be used with an insert for added venting or without a venting straw or a simple 3-part bottle (nipple, collar, container).


Woombie Convertible Nursery Swaddling Blanket

A favorite swaddle sac that allows babies to keep their arms in a physiologically normal position (at midline) yet supresses the startle reflex. The covertible swaddle allows for an 'arms out' position as baby grows and promotes normal healthy movement.


SwaddleMe Pod 2-PK, PeaPods (NB)

Soft, stretchy pods like these help minimize the new-baby startle reflex while allowing baby to find a natural, ergonomic position with arms across the chest and hands near the chin.


GumDrop Pacifier

Cylindrical-style pacifiers promote tongue cupping and build sucking skills. I particuarly like the concave outer rim that hugs the lips.


Lansinoh mOmma Bottle

Soft, squishy, shoulder-less nipples help maintain a wide, open latch, especially babies that tend to chomp.


RaZbaby JollyPop

Cylindrical-style pacifiers promote tongue cupping and build sucking skills. I particuarly like the concave outer rim that hugs the lips.


Baby K'tan Original Baby Carrier

Babies love being held. Soft cariers like this one are easy to use, keep baby safe and content, while liberating moms to hands-free care. 


My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows, for some families are a comfort. 


MyRoo Tube Shirt– Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care Shirt

Newborns thrive on early skin to skin contact. A bandeau style tube top keeps baby securely on your chest for kangaroo care. 

Breastfeeding the Second Time Around

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Manhattan Toy Nursing Nina Cat Nurturing Soft Toy

Little people readily identify with the cute kitty nursing her kittens. 


Nursies When the Sun Shines: A little book on nightweaning

Ready to night wean your toddler? Introduce the idea gently and share the plan. This unique book is written for children about night weaning.


Manhattan Toy Nursing Nana Dog Nurturing Soft Toy

Soon-to-be and new siblings will love these nursing pups that 'latch' magnetically to mama.


Milky Moments

Help your toddler identify with nursing as part of a normal continuum. 


A Ride on Mother's Back: A Day of Baby Carrying around the World

Newborns and infants need lots of carrying from here to there. Enjoy this beautiful story to help prepare your toddler for what is to come with their new sibling.


Mama's Milkies

A book about the day in the life of a nursing toddler that normalizes extended breastfeeding. 


What Baby Needs

This is a great resource for preschoolers introducing life with a new baby in a breastfeeding, baby wearing, bottle feeding family.


We Like to Nurse Too

A delightful picture book showing animals nursing their babies and ends with mother nursing her baby. Sequel to We Like to Nurse.


My New Baby

This simple board book is perfect for toddlers. Minimal text and picure based, this books introduces life with a new baby. 


Best Milk

A book that normalizes breastfeeding. Frequent feedings, locations, and even pumping.


Mama's Milk

Another book for toddler/preschooler favorite showing animals nursing their babies. Beautiful illustrated with a rhyming cadence.


We Like To Nurse

 A toddler friendly book with bold colors and simple words describing mothers nursing babies.

Pregnant Mom with Baby.jpg

Playmobil Add-On Series - Pregnant Mother with Baby

Preschoolers will love to play with these adorable behaviors to mirror what they are experiencing in their life as the baby comes into their life!

Maternity room.jpg

PLAYMOBIL Maternity Room

Invite your preschooler to see what the maternity room where the baby sibling may have spent time before arriving home! 

Parent-baby-child picnic.jpg

PLAYMOBIL Family Picnic Carry Case

Play is a way through which children work through changes in their lives. This picnic case allows for preschoolers to play older siblings with baby and parent.

Work.Pump.Repeat. & The Art of Pumping

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Breastmilk Chiller Reusable Storage Container

The ultimate milk transporter for your milk for work or travel. Store and chill your milk in the same container.


CERES CHILL Water Bottle Strap Handle Carrier fits

The perfect complement to the Ceres Chill. This strap makes it easy to carry!


Sarah Wells Claire Breast Pump Bag

A great option for working mommas who want a professional work-pump bag the can accommodate pump life and work life.


Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag with Real Leather Straps 

This breast pump bag has the practicality of a pump caddy and the style of a purse.


BESTEK 150W Power Inverter Car Charger w/ USB Charging Ports

Pumping in the car? No problem. This adapter allows you charge your phone and pump during your commutes. 


Seamless Pump&Nurse Nursing Bra

All-in-one style nursing-pumping bras are so much easier for pumping on the go.


Sarah Wells Kelly Convertible Breast Pump Bag and Backpack

This backpack style tote from Sarah Wells comfortably holds a Symphony hospital-grade pump and all your pumping essentials. There is room for a laptop too.


BRAVADO! DESIGNS Clip & Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra

A great alternative for hands-free pumping.


Munchkin High Speed Bottle Warmer

Ideal for scalding high-lipase milk when paired with a stainless steel bottle and a thermometer. 


reCAP Mason Jars POUR Cap & Ball Venti Jar

Fed up with bottles. Try pooling your pumped milk into Mason jars. Inexpensive and easy to clean. This style lid makes it easy to pour and prep bottles. 


Ball Wide-Mouth Plastic Storage Caps

These lids are an easy, no-fuss option for moms who pump and consolidate their workday milk into a mason jar for transport home.


Flange Adapter for Spectra Pumps

Use with a Medela connector and the standard Spectra back flow protector, to accommodate Pumpin' Pal flanges.


Maymom Backflow Protector

These long-stem backflow protectors are part of the Spectra hack.


Medela PersonalFit Breastshield Connectors

Pair this connector with either the flange adaper or the long-stem back flow protector when hacking a Spectra pump.


Norpro Stainless Steel Digital Thermometer

For scalding high-lipase milk, a digital thermometer like this one is key. Pair with the uninsulated stainless steel bottle and a high temperature bottle warmer.


Dish Basin Collapsible with Drain Plug Carry Handles

Newer CDC guidelines recommend storing dirty bottles and pump parts in a holding basin (vs directly into a kitchen sink) until ready for washing. This basin is collapsible for easy transport. It has a built-in stopper and strainer. Clever!


Gourmia Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer

This pint-sized personal refrigerator is perfect for streamlining pumping at work. A set of bottles and flanges fit into this mighty machine to save time and clean-up hassle during your workday. It's small enough to fit on shelf, desk, credenza or at your bedside.


OXO Tot On-The-Go Drying Rack

Compact travel-sized bottle brush perfect for on-the-go and travel needs.


Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Baby Bottle, Orange

An uninsulated stainless steel bottle like this one is perfect for scalding high lipase milk. Milk can safely be heated and then rapidly cooled without concerns of glass breaking or chemicals leaching from plastic bottles. Pair with the digital thermometer and a bottle warmer.


Pura Kiki 3 Piece Silicone Sealing Disk

These silicone lids are a perfect 'add on' option scalding high lipase milk. Store milk in the stainless steel bottle until it is ready to be scaled. 


Pumpin' Pal Breast Pump Flanges (Set Small XS,S, M)

Pumpin' Pal Flanges offer more comfort with their sophisticated design. This set includes the silicone XS and S flanges and hard Medium flange.


Pumpin' Pal Breast Pump Flanges (Set Regular, S,M,L Pairs)

Pumpin' Pal Flanges offer more comfort with their sophisticated design. This set includes the silicone Small flange and the plastic Medium and Large flanges.


Pumpin' Pal Breast Pump Flanges (Set Large, M,L,X-L Pairs)

Pumpin' Pal Flanges offer more comfort with their sophisticated design. This set includes the hard flanges in M, L and XL.


Undercover Mama Strapless Nursing Tank Top - For Breastfeeding & Pregnancy

Pair this strapless tank with your favorite nursing bra for 'muffin coverage' while nursing or pumping. 


The Milk Memos: How Real Moms Learned to Mix Business with Babies-and How You Can, Too

A book filled with actual journal entries from women that visited their lactation room at work. Helps working mamas gain perspective on balancing work and motherhood.


Sarah Wells Pumparoo Wet/Dry Bag for Breast Pump Parts

Ideal for discretly storing and transporting pump parts. I love the detachable 'work surface'.


The Dairy Fairy Ayla: Underwire Nursing and Hands-Free Pumping Bra

I love this all-in-one nursing-pumping bra. It saves time, is convenient, and it's (gasp) feminine looking.  


OXO Tot Breast Pump Parts Compact Drying Rack with Detail Brushes

Slim travel-sized brushes specifically designed for cleaning the nooks and crannies of flanges.


Seamless Pump&Nurse Nursing Cami with built-in Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Another all-in-one nursing-pumping bra with the coverage of a cami. You will need 2; one to wear, one to wash.


Breast Milk Freezer Pack, 2.7 oz

Set of 12 milk collection bottles. Perfect for collecting & storing 2.5 oz or less. Ideal for sending as a 'snack' bottle to daycare. 


Freemie Collection Cups The Only Hands Free and Concealable Breast Pump Milk Collection System

Freemie cups can be a great option for milk collection when privacy and access to lactation spaces are limited.


Medela Breast Pump Parts, Pump In Style Advanced Replacement Tubing

The CDC suggest replacing pump tubing if milk enters the tubing.

Starting Solids

I am an Amazon Associate and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether, Blue

Teether toys with 'arms' are ideal for building oral skills.  This is one of my favorites. With a little guidance 3-4 month olds are ready for this one. It is great for post-frenectomy skill building.


Oball Toy Ball

When baby explores this gem with his mouth, it encourages tongue lift and extension.  The open holes make it easy to grasp and it is extremely light weight.


Healifty Silicone Toy Teether Durable Comfortable Teether Pacifier for Infant 2pcs

Another favorite teether toy for skill building. The mushroom cap helps baby hold on to the stem. The two 'ears' are great for building lateral tongue movement.


Mombella Ellie Elephant Teether

Another great teether toy for developing chewing and munching skills. The protective collar minimizes gagging.


Sensory Balls

These are a favorite tool for building oral skills. When baby is in tummy time and mouthing a sensory ball it encourages tongue mobility, especially tongue extension and tongue lift. 


Num Num Baby Dips

Short utensils are ideal for building self feeding skills. Help your baby by pre-loading the 'spoon' and then encouraging baby to bring it to his mouth.


Honey bear straw cup

Many babies learning staw skills will benefit from a little assitance.   Squeeze Honey Bear's belly to prime the straw while encouraging baby to close the lips around the straw. Model staw skills and your baby will catch on faster. 


Bamba Peanut Butter Snacks All Natural Peanut Butter PB Corn Puffs

Current recommendaions for reducing peanut allergies include regular exposure to peanut proteins.  These puffs are covered in peanut dust. It's an easy and safe way to provide peanut exposure without the risks of offering whole peanuts to young babies


First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups

Straw skills and open-cup drinking build oral skills. These are the gold standard. Avoid sippy cups with spouts that promote immature oral skills. 


OXO Tot 2-Piece Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib

Slim profile bibs that do not restriction movement are ideal. The silicone bottom collects debris and the fabric helps keep it light weight. Some babies are perterbed by heavy all-silicone bibs.


Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray

A grow-with-me highchair, like this one, has a small foot print, encourages bringing baby to the table for shared mealtimes, and will last for years.


Stokke 2019 Tripp Trapp High Chair

Stokke is another grown-with-me chair with loads of options for young babies to school-aged children. The adjustable seat and foot rest allows baby to participate at the family table. The small footprint is a space-saving bonus.


Maroon Spoons - Small

Beginner spoons should be shallow. Most todder spoons have a deep bowl and are difficult for beginner feeders to master.


Meal Time (Sign About)

Babies are natural communicators. Signing with your baby helps reduce frustration and builds confidence. Start with some very simple signs such as: "eat,"  "water,"  "more," "all done" and, of course, "please and thank you." 


Colorful PoPo Kids Stainless Steel Cup

Looking for plastic-free options? This mini-yeti style cup is stainless steel, has a silicone straw, and is perfect for the experienced straw drinker. Encourage baby to hold cup with both hands.


Joie Fruit And Vegetable Wavy Chopper Knife

Crinkle cutters are great for slicing steak-fry size foods. The ripple cuts make it easier for little hands to grasp foods and makes it easier to pick up food from a tray.


ezpz Mini Mat -  silicone placemat + plate

A perfect placemat and mini plate all in one. The silicone sticks to flat surfaces and prevents plate dumping.


Oneida Chateau 3-Piece Baby Set

Babies do best with short-handled utensils. This pint-sized fork and spoon are perfect for beginners. The long-handled spoon is for purees. 


ezpz Tiny Bowl - One-Piece Silicone placemat + Bowl

Ezpz has a fantastic line of products that stay put when your little one's curiosity about gravity gets the best. This one-piece silicone bowl is perfect for beginners.


ezpz Tiny Spoon - Silicone Feeding Spoon Twin Pack

These tiny spoons are just-right for beginners. The soft silicone is perfect for learning and it is not unwieldy in little hands.


ezpz Tiny Cup - Silicone Infant Feeding Cup

Open cups help little ones develop oral motor skills and aid in more efficient swallowing skills. This cup's weighted bottom helps guard against frequent spills and is designed to fit well in the hands of beginning drinkers.   


Splat Mat for Under High Chair

Early feeders are messy. A splat mat offers protection against spills and stains for your floors, especially carpeted areas.


Recommendations for Sensory Play

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Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Crawl and Discover Play and Pat Activity Mat

Make Tummy Time inviting for your little one with this high-contrast activity mat. Babies will delight in the peek-a-boo mirror and find themselves pushing up to get a better view of what's below.


Hello Ocean Friends: A High-Contrast Book

Up until around six months, a baby's eyesight gradually approaches 20/20 vision. Therefore, babies love the defined edges created by high-contrast, black and white images. Wow your little one with an undersea adventure!


Black & White Board Book

Everyday objects pop in this black and white board book. Infants have difficulty focusing and the definition the contrast of color provides helps to engage with their world. 


beiens High Contrast Baby Flashcard

An infant's visual field is 12-inches away. Starting with black & white, high-contrast pictures help a little one's eyes start to adjust. Adding red and gradually moving to more color. These cards are easy to pack and go and are a great way to see if your baby can track and follow the images, as you move them slowly.


Constructive Playthings Snap Beads Set 

These snap beads are great for sensory play! The different grips are great tactile exposure. The popping sound offer great feedback when pulled apart and pushed together.


Nuby Bug-A-Loop Teether

Rattles like this Nuby rattle offer great engagement for sensory play. Variety is key for rattles - hard, soft, ability to freeze - it allows baby to experience different sensory input. This rattle has different shapes that move and spin, beads of different textures. Baby can hold with one hand and as baby grows can exchange from one hand to another.


Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Teether toys that can go in the freezer are great for sensory exploration. Baby can gain exposure to temperature change and work on visual input when the teether is thawed to watch the water move. The movement of the keys around the ring also offer sensory input.


Sassy Fishy Fascination Station

Appropriately named, the fascination station offers exposure to texture, color contrast, sounds, and more to capture your baby's senses. The movement of the objects provide endless engagement options.


Sassy Grasp & Jitter Guy

The soft texture of this Sassy rattle will allow baby to engage with tactile sensations. It provides further input with the different appendages (crinkle, chime, rattle, squeak) and the pull down and shimmy up movement will further help with visual tracking. The long arms make for practice gripping.


Baby Textured Sensory Ball Set Soft Squeeze Massage Balls

These sensory balls are great for exploration and integration. Roll them on your little one's hands, feet, show them how to grip the nubs, when they are in tummy time, they can encourage baby to experiment with how much they need to grip and use shoulder muscles to get a good view.


Little Kids Fubbles Premium Long Lasting Bubble Solution

Bubbles for a baby? Yes! Bubbles for babies are great! They help with eye tracking and provide sensory input when they are gently blown towards baby's feet, belly, cheeks, and tummy. At first they might be a surprise, take it slow, blow gently, and avoid hands, eyes, mouth and do not give baby the wand.