The working moms group

Susan Howard, RN, IBCLC, a self-professed lacto-geek, loves moderating the twice-monthly Working Moms Group at Virginia Hospital Center (VHC).

FAQs about The Working Moms Group

When do the groups meet?
The Working Moms Group typically meets the first and third Sunday at 7pm.

Is there a fee?
No!  It is a free community service provided by VHC, so there is no fee or charge for attending.

Should I bring my baby?
A lot depends on the baby's age and what works best for your family. About 50% of moms will bring baby and 50% do not.  Some families set aside Group night as quality daddy-baby time while some moms enjoy the social "playdate" time with baby.  

If babies are little, bring baby along just like at the weekday groups. For the older infants, some moms bring baby, they "play" on a blanket, change into pajamas, eat, then baby will often fall asleep on the car ride home.

7 pm is bedtime for my baby. Can I come late?
Yes, some moms arrive a little later after getting baby to bed first.  Do what works for your family!

I am exclusively pumping, will I benefit from the group?
Absolutely! If you are balancing motherhood, work, and milk making, there is a lot to be gained from a supportive circle of moms who "get it." In fact, you may be able to offer strategies to help mommas new to pumping.

I'm not planning to return to work for several months. When is the best time to attend?
The sooner the better!  The more prepared you are for the transition back to work, the easier it will be. Veteran working-milk mommas can share their suggestions and offer guidance.  Bring your questions and learn tips for managing the day in and day out challenges of being a working milk momma.

Some moms even bring their pump, plug in, and pump (under cover) during group!  It is a great way to practice pumping out of the house in a safe environment.  All the oxytocin in the room helps to make it a productive pumping session. Truly!  

I have weaned my baby, may I still attend?
Yes! You have a lot to offer. Please join us and help the newbies transition into this next phase.

I can't make it to group.  Can you just add me to the Working Milk Mommas list-serve?
No. The list-serve was created to augment the live group. It was never designed to replace in-person support.