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Tongue tie evaluation & support

Navigating the complexities of a tongue tie diagnosis may seem overwhelming.

I'm here to help. Tongue and lip ties fall under the umbrella of Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs). TOTs are one of my passions. I've had extensive training to identify and support families with ties

Navigating ties

A tie savvy lactation consultant is an expert in infant feeding and oral function.


We are the only professionals who look at how the mother-baby dyad are functioning. We can help with not only latch, positioning, milk supply, maternal pain, feeding progression, caloric intake, sleep, pumping, and starting solids and weaning.  We can help with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, spoons, solids, cup, straw skills, and oral aversions.

Symptoms of a tie can include:

The first step is proper identification and evaluation of oral function.   Noting oral function allows the lactation consultant, parent and release provider to montior progress after a release.


In a pre-frenectomy visit, it is much easier to teach the parent and child stretches and and aftercare when everyone (parent & baby) is calm.  The initial visit allows for optimal care coordination and a support network for after-care.

Tie savvy lactation consultants are not common. We are often booked weeks in advance.

Post-frenectomy support is important to 1) avoid reattachment 2) prevent scarring.  Post-op laser therapy has two phases 1) aftercare/stretches and 2) suck training to improve tongue function and stamina. 

In most cases, tongue function doesn't just miraculously self-correct from a frenectomy. The release is one piece of the the puzzle. The aftercare techniques vary based on the age of the infant, toddler, or adult.

Bodywork is the third integral part of the tongue tie puzzle. A bodyworker is a professional who has a hands-on license to touch and extenive continuing education hours in CrannioSacral therapy, myofascial release, etc.  TOT's trained bodyworkers such as occupational therapist, physical therapists and chiropractors can assist with how to the tonuge tie can impact fascial tension around the mouth muscles and alignment of the whole body.

Many tongue tied babies have torticollis, a head tilt, head asymmetry, or other body tension and they often hate tummy time.  Including a tie-savvy body worker on the team can support the work of lactation. Tummy time is important for babies with ties and tie-savvy bodyworkers underrstanding how everything in the body is connected and how the tongue can cause issues.

Bodyworkers also work on natural pain managaement (massage for example) and are essential in both pre and post-op goals. These are specialty areas and not all OTs or (SLPs) are well versed in ties.



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