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Susan Howard


Clinical Mentorship and Professional Development

I love to teach other IBCLCs, both 1:1 and as a public speaker.

I offer in-person and virtual mentoring on a variety of topics, including:

  • Effective Bottle Consults

  • Supporting Pumping Moms

I'd love to come speak to your local group, coalition, workshop, or conference. My talks are suitable for professionals or families, and I will provide everything you need to apply for continuing education credits.

Connecting with Me
I love collaborating with colleagues to talk about the ins and outs of private practice or perhaps to discuss a clinical question.

I get calls from fellow lactation consultants asking to “pick” my brain, I kindly ask that you take me out for a virtual coffee & croissant or lunch.  This will remind BOTH of us that our time and talents are valuable and that we deserve to be financially compensated for our knowledge!

Schedule the 1:1 session with me that fits your needs.

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Half-hour Chit Chat

A one-on-one virtual 30 minute session to chat about plans for your practice, certification, or to pick my brain about the profession. Perhaps you have a clinical situation and want to brainstorm with a colleague.

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Let's have Lunch

A full one-hour virtual session to discuss plans for your practice, certification, or to pick my brain about the profession. 
Perhaps you have a clinical situation and would like to brainstorm with a colleague. 

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Have a quick question?

Sometimes you really do have a 'quick question'. I'm happy to answer a quick question.
Submit your questions here and I will get back to you within 48 hours!

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LC's Closet

Invite Susan to Speak

I'm and educator at heart.


I love to teach

If you are looking to grow your knowledge, I'm available to speak to parent groups or professionals...


Small groups, lunch & learn, full day or half day workshops, as well as 1:1 clinical mentoring sessions are available. 


Let's figure out your needs and make a date..

Thanks for submitting!

The LC's Closet

Welcome, Colleague! So glad you dropped by.

I am a self-described lacto-geek and love exercising my creative side to help market my business and educate families contact.


Here, you will find some of the tools I have found particularly beneficial to my business. I hope you do, too! 

I've compiled a list of my favorite feeding tools

Over the years, I have found some items, tools, and products that help parents along their feeding journey. Take a look at what I recommend in my classes, workshops, and 1:1 sessions.
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